So it’s come to it. Whomp isn’t happening still but not because I don’t want it to. You see, for the last few years my business as a wedding photographer has snowballed and I literally don’t have time to update this at the moment because my main website as a wedding photographer Cornwall is sort of a priority! It’s been a busy time – I have been shooting surfing and you’ll see some of my crappy work here and of course, on my wedding photography blog. Sure, it’s not going to be naked skateboarding chicks and thumping barrels day in and day out but I’ll be posting some random stuff up there.

Do check back though – I still love you all and I’m still paying for the domain…just in case.

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Phew, posting something on the Whomp blog twice a fortnight is exhausting! Hence why I am on holiday / vacation – a reward you see for all the graft. Currently I am typing from a sun lounger and I am surrounded by a small battalion of ‘Fix’ beer cans – all crumpled and defeated of course. Anyway, I’m just writing to say ‘here lies a gleaming example of commitment to the cause; posting whilst on holiday / vacation’.
.’Ps. All the ladies out here look like this










…but the ones who fail to moisturize daily end up like this by the time they hit 30;








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Reuben Pearce, Mehico bitches! Photo Ben Selway


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Meet Synchrodogs

Synchrodogs are a duo of photographers from Ukraine, Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven, shooting together since 2008. There works previously appeared on covers of British Journal of Photography, Neon magazine, Zeit Campus, S magazine, Afisha Moscow, they were also shooting for Esquire, New York magazine, Dazed and Confused, Vice, Vision, Novembre etc.

We’re kinda tripped by their images so we doped um a few questions to  probe the mind of these creative G’s.

Check out more of their work here  - while you’re at it, they have just launched their first monograph so go here and add that mother fucker to your cart!

W: How’s your day been?
S:Its Easter time, so we were eating and watching videos of small cats all the day .

W:What inspires you?

S:The environment around us, naturally born locations and weird lifestyles.

W:What made you decide to team up as a duo?

S:We started dating, and dating usually teams up.526812_347028371998979_72360777_n18_2012_Synchrodogs_1000 1_quasars_by_Synchrodogs_1_1000 216214_194721313896353_877498_n 01_hidden project_1_1000 564915_362905413744608_312650439_n Synchrodogs_1000 Capture



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 Does anyone out there know how to get on Wiki? I think Whomp is huge enough to warrant a write up on there. Ok, so the first issue was pretty terrible (if you’re curious, it’s still on sale in the Store), but we sold out and had to do a re-print! Anyway, for Pete’s sake, please somebody write about us so we can’t get on there…
I checked if Adrain Morris was part of the Wiki community, but he isn’t on there either – just an impostor Adrian Morris.
So anyway, this post wasn’t supposed to be about Wiki, it’s about the Adrian ‘Mowgli’ Morris, who, to quote his ‘about’ section on his site is a ‘Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Adventure Seeker and friendly Artsy guy currently based in London, United Kingdom.
Focussing on artsy things like: Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Art Direction, Painting & Visual Communication working for clients worldwide.’
Here’s a bit of his handy work – more here and here if you want to see more.








1a_1000 22_1000 38_1000 54_1000 49340004_1000 F1060022_1000 F1010021_1000 F1000015_1000 F1000002_1000 Photo14_14A_27_1000 _1_1000 Photo01_0A_1000

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Micah Lester. Photo Selway 8K7U1985
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Remember my post about finding Toby Donachie a mate? After putting the call out, we were expecting a tidal wave of potential ladies to flood our inbox with their pictures. However, embarrassingly, Toby didn’t receive any emails whatsoever!
I wondered, are most of you  being shy? If you are, don’t be. We wouldn’t inflict a beast upon you. Toby is one heck of a lovely guy.. just consider the following 10 facts about him:
1. He lives in his own shed complete with WIFI. Although it doesn’t have a kitchen, there’s a lounge area and the bathroom is merely a short, naked jog away in the house the shed belongs to.
2. He has his own transport which features a fold down bed in the back, just in case you get tired during those long days out. His steed also comes with a personalised registration!
3. If that isn’t enough, he is hygienic and comes complete with a sexy blonde mane which he regularly washes.
4. Toby isn’t afraid to admit he is wrong
5. Unlike most men, Toby will apologise if he realises he’s in the wrong.
6. He is kind, gentle and loves animals
7. He has never ever been with a true woman before. Fact.
8. Superficially, he usually has a year-round tan and rugged looks.
9. Because of his contract with Quiksilver as a PRO SURFER, he occasionally has to have pictures taken for catalogues etc, thus earning him the title – ‘model’.
10. He always goes out wearing a condom.
Curious? Please send all sexy pictures to for vetting and we will pass on the relevant ones on to him, like in the movie Audition!
If you still need persuading, just check out the man in action below doing a spot of extreme sports! If this doesn’t grab you by the tuppence ladies, you’re clearly all lesbians!


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How’s your weekend thus far? Good? Great.
Ever wondered what the first youtube video was? This tuss claims to be the first ever post-ee. It’s a fascinating commentary on the San Diego zoo’s elephant population.

How shit was that?! Here’s something of more interest. Micah (who DID paddle out at pipe before shooting the sequence we posted a while back) at Porthleven. It almost makes Cornwall look like a viable surfing destination doesn’t it?

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This is Toby Donachie. He’s young, fit and straight. He’s single too so all of you horny girls out there, send us your pictures wearing very little and we’ll pass them on to him PHOTO: Selway


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A Plug

 What are you going to do between the 26th-28th April? We think you ought to be venturing over to 71A Leonard St in London the Looking Sideways exhibition. It’ll be good clean fun and a lot healthier than sniffing glue in the local park…which I’m sure is what most of you were planning.
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Dion Dion Dion

Did you see his interview in Whomp 1? Well, you should of. You still can. Just go to the shop and buy the mag. It’s pretty expensive but it’s a collectors item. This is a video of him. I don’t think he had a beard when we spoke. We were on Skype. I was in Cornwall. He was in New York. This is a video of him. I just wrote that twice without even thinking. Crazy.

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Witch trials, PHOTO Cockle


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Toby Donachie, Canary Islands. PHOTO Selway120130129_0229
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 Spain, 2011. Photo Selway

Sultry Lady


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Photos by Jon McKechnie

I had to copy and paste Jon ‘McKechnie’s name’ from his email –  every one has trouble spelling it apparently. He is a man of many talents though and photography is certainly one of them. We asked him to supply us with a portfolio of his work and for some facts about himself;
‘I get told I’m tall at least once day – in case I forget perhaps?’
 ‘I rode my bike by myself from Miami to San Francisco a few years back.’
 ‘For an English man, I seem to have an unusual all year round tan.’
 ‘Sea Life is important to me. I spend a lot of my weekends and holiday time out of London to go surfing at a very average level.’
I spend lots of time listening to my music and playing to the beat on my drums. I’ve been listening to a lot of rap recently.’
We’re not really sure if this was what we were looking for but it paints a picture. Now you’re done with all of this, look at the photos below and go HERE to view more of his work. He’s the best!
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Noize by Seb Smart

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Baby Jacob

Following an agonizing 37 hour labour, copious amounts of gas and air and a brutal third degree tear (google that), we are proud to say that Whomp has given birth to it’s newest member, Jacob Cockle.  This is a picture of him – isn’t he cute? Jacob is an exceptionally talented photographer and he will often be found lurking around at parties with his analog cameras. In addition to his portrait, I was going to post up some of his handy work, but now he is a member of you’ll be seeing his work on a regular basis here and here. Welcome Jacob!


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 Joss Ash is so sexy! He is charismatic, tall, well spoken and all the girls want to mate with him. He’s a model and he’s wealthy but when I’m around him, he makes me feel really inadequate and body conscious. I hate going out with him in day to day situations too. All the women look around but I know they’re not looking at me – well, they are but for all of the wrong reasons. Here are so more photos of Joss on his model agency page if you’re interested. You can hire him to do whatever you want to him!                  QV3R4141
Photo Ben Selway
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wedding photography in cornwall
Scotland 2012 Photo Selway
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Safer On The Sea Shore

Good job Micah Lester was shitting his pants on this day, otherwise he would never have stayed on dry land and nailed this sequence of John (John?) Florence being spewed out of Pipe. Thank God for fear!  PHOTO: Micah Lester! (kidding – he actually surfed pipe for three hours before this shot was taken)IMG_9612 IMG_9613 IMG_9614 IMG_9615 IMG_9616 IMG_9617 IMG_9618 IMG_9619 IMG_9620 IMG_9622 IMG_9623 IMG_9624 IMG_9625 IMG_9626 IMG_9627
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Photo: Selway
This human is called Jobe Harriss (yes, two R’s and two S’ – get it right or he’ll be extremely upset!).  You’ll be seeing a fair bit of Jobe around these here parts – in fact I just went on a walking (and occasional surfing) holiday to the Canaries with him and his buddy Toby Donachie. When I arranged it with them, they both thought they were going on a good ‘ole fashioned, easy surf trip to a remote island in the Atlantic. Little did they know hiring a car wasn’t going to be an option because only the locals are allowed them. This meant if you want to go surfing, you either have to pay 10 Euros for a lift, hire a shit mountain bike or walk. Ultra keen to keep fit and get warmed up for a sesh, we chose the hike.


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Fun Times!

Hiya! I’m getting back into this posting lark. It’s actually really good fun. Almost as fun as this party must have been! Sure, they could’ve done with some glue to sniff and maybe a glitter ball but hey ho.

shit party


Who remembers doing this at weddings?

 No? Me neither, sadly.
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………..NOW (Reubyn Ash)

Reubyn Ash. Cornwall. Photo :Selway
See…told you I wouldn’t let you down. This is Reubyn Ash doing the kind of thing you’ll be seeing a lot of on here from this moment onward. Whomp Magazine is back to stay and you better get used to it.


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Happy Families Again!


Whomp is back.
No, this isn’t a joke.
Nor is it a false promise.
Yes, I know I’ve been bad. I know I’ve been like an absent father who thinks he can suddenly just waltz back into his kids life and pretend every thing is normal. I’m sooooooo sorry! I’m sorry for everything! I’m sorry that I only uploaded 9, yes NINE posts in one whole year and, further more, that I prioritised the Facebook and Twitter accounts over While I’m at it, I’m also sorry for producing a terrible magazine filled with utter nonsense and that nearly 35,000 of you spent ten quid on it. However, I guess most of all, I’m sorry for knowing that while I was being shit and writing posts about being sorry for not posting, I had no really intention of keeping  the blog going. Seriously! Waaaaaaaahhh! I’m shit!
Anyway, even though I’m metaphorically on my knees begging for your forgiveness now, I know there’s no point in dwelling in the past so, as a Dad who wants to win his kids over again by using sweets and new toys, I promise to give you regular content and, ultimately, a printed sequel to Whomp 1.
So there you go. We’re ok now aren’t we? One big happy family again? Good. All is right with the world! Things are going to change around here – do you like the new look? I know it’s not drastically different to before but it’s our attempt at being ‘clean’ and ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’. What about the new logo? Amazing isn’t it? You’ll notice a little change in the type of content we feature on here too. Yes, it will still feature the hilarious kind of thing that was on here before but something more. Oh, and to keep tabs on me, I have recruited a couple of new helpers which I’ll introduce as we go along.
Ok, time to get this party started, right about………………………………………………….
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Lets take our tops off, it’s Saturday!

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Chromatically correct…

AG’s latest flick.

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Photos of Prince Harry naked!

…which is a lie, it was an attempt at being found on search engines! Clever…
We’ve got photos though, this time from Daniel Lober - much better than seeing Prince Harry’s rouge wang.
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Tuesday…or Mardi if you’re in France

Cooooo-eeey! Happy Tuesday evening people. Did you know that Spencer Davis Group are white? I thought they were black. They sound black but they’re not…they’re white. This video proves it.

In other news, how’s this guy? I found his picture on the internet- I have a mate who looks like him who scheduled to go up Mount Everest.  Random I know, but a cast iron fact.


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Photos by…

Huy Le!

Er, it’s been so long since I last posted, I don’t know what to write…well here goes (apologies in advance for grammatical errors); these are pictures by 23 Australian Huy Le – he takes awesome photos and here are a small selection for you to look at.  What else? here is a link to not one, but two of his sites! Uh, how’s that? Not enough? Ok, today  I am suffering from playing football (soccer) for 12 hours on Sunday and I’ve seized up. I have blisters, aching torso, my groin area is tight, my legs are lead weights, I have sunburn and former lovers tell me I am terrible in bed. What a nightmare.

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If you want this, it’s yours…

My alcoholic neighbour is moving. He is in the process of stream lining all of his possessions to ensure a swift and easy transition to his new abode and kindly has offered the community the chance to own any of his unwanted items. Amongst the free-for-all is a collection of Sum 41 cd’s, newspapers, Beano’s, Dandy’s and this magnificent piece; a man fighting off a fierce-looking dragon atop a stunning white horse. Seeing as I already own one like this, I thought I’d afford you all with the opportunity to have one of yourself. Be quick though, my other neighbours have expressed an interest and it may be gone soon.

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Woah, a post!

Yes, indeed…this is a post. It seems that Whomp has been majorly neglected again…but fear not – here is a lovely portfolio of piccies for yo’ ass..taken by the wonderful Sara Sani – go here and look at her stuff…

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A shit excuse for a blog…

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When they were sexy!

Sorry, I haven’t been on the website much. Statistics say you lot would rather look at the facebookpage, which is well worth liking!
I’ve been busy too trying to research sexy women from the olden days for a new regular called ‘When they were sexy!’ This is  Laszlo Willinger from the 30′s…sexy, no?

Anyway, have you bought issue 1 of Whomp yet?

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Grab ‘em now before they go again!

The bad news is, you lot cleared us out of all our Whomp’s. We sold out. Poof! Gone…
The good news is, we printed a load more to put an end to all of the nagging from certain individuals and, obviously, to give all of y’all who didn’t purchase a copy another chance of owning one. So, what are you waiting for, head here to grab yours now!



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Skater chicks’ tuppence on show!

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Random freak post and search for issue 1 cover star.

Ladies and Gentlemen.
Welcome to the only post ever to be made on the 30th of January 2012! How are you enjoying it so far?
I’m not doing very well at the moment. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D for short. This means I am feeling less sexy than usual and I am more cranky and negative about things like waiting, updating the Whomp blog, loosing my possessions and breaking expensive objects.
On the flip side. Whomp 1 sold out! As predicted, it was a massive success and because of huge demand, I have decided to do a limited print run so that all of the fools who didn’t buy one, now can.
In other news I have been trying to track down issue 1′s cover star. He doesn’t know he has the cover and I think it would make his day. He was last seen eating a french fries in Padang, Indonesia. I do not know his name and as the photo was taken a year ago, I’m sure he has swollen a little more.
He looks something like this fella:


What else? Nothing else. Help find the cover star for issue 1. He needs to know he has page 1.
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Corona is nice with a slice of lime…

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Massive cocks! (this isn’t spam).

Sorry…facebook’s fault again – blame them for squeezing the life out of blog sites. It’s just so quick and easy on there, you know? Well, I’m not going to say happy new year again – just because I feel now, on the 10th January, we are far enough in 2012 to not feel obligated to say this. You don’t say Happy Birthday 12 days after someone’s actual date of birth now, do you?
Ok…what’s news? Not much here. Whomp issue 1 flew out of the door quicker than a rat up a drain pipe. But fear not, there are some copies left – just click here to purchase one. It’s amazing. It’s fucking amazing in fact. Buy one. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.
Some of you older followers will notice the absence of Junk Mailing the Junk Mailer; well, it’s not dead. We’re hoping it will come back – in fact, just today I dipped into my spam box to see what delights awaited. The following titles really caught my eye;
  • Nothing beats a huge stick
  • Americans proud to grown an extra inch
  • Progress from love guru to sex magnet
  • You know she loves it when she wants it every night after your size got bigger.
  • Be the Pied Piper of chicks
  • Give her more of your love rod
  • Jamie Lynn is a bigger slut than Britney
 Anyway, gotta go – I left my T.V out in the rain again.
P.S. Here’s a photo of Andy Fordham throwing an arrow.

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